27 Dec
River Publishers The Mantis Book

Santa brings Mantis-book for Christmas!

Dear MANTIS partners, I heard that you behaved properly for the whole year. Thus, Santa Michele Claus is bringing you a book as X-mas present!

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21 Jun
DOC Engineering Model

Unveiling the DOC Engineering Model

  • Oct. 13, 2016, 4 p.m.
  • Olof Palmestraat 14 2616 LR Delft

Informal Show [&] Tell to celebrate the unveiling of the Demise Observation Capsule Engineering and Qualification Model, in house at S[&]T

Add to Calendar 2016-10-13 16:00:00 2016-10-13 18:00:00 Europe/Paris Unveiling the DOC Engineering Model Olof Palmestraat 14 2616 LR Delft S[&]T info@stcorp.nl
06 Jun
Rocket Day WIA

NVR Magazine highlights Demise Observation Capsule

S[&]T highlighted in the latest NVR magazine, with a special feature on our Demise Observation Capsule, which has moved into a new phase of readiness.

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25 May
Radar Technology

S[&]T Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement tells you about the information S[&]T may collect, how the information is used, and how you can access and correct certain information that we may collect.

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18 Apr
Rocket Day WIA

Women in Aerospace prove #rocketsareforgirls

Women in Aerospace teamed up with S[&]T for a rocket-themed event in Delft. Women from the local Leiden group joined other interested professionals for a 3 part lecture on re-entry science, launch campaigns, and the latest status of TU Delft's amature rocket developments.

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16 Apr
Medior Software Engineer Acoustics & Sonar

Medior Software Engineer Acoustics & Sonar

Voor een grote R&D omgeving in Den Haag zijn wij voortdurend op zoek naar Medior Software Engineers Acoustics & Sonar. De werkzaamheden kunnen variëren van de ontwikkeling en toepassing van (numerieke) modellen en software tools, het voorbereiden en uitvoeren van experimenten, het doen van data analyses en de ontwikkeling van geavanceerde signaalverwerking, maar ook het werken aan productverbeteringen en het uitvoeren van impact & beleidsstudies. Dit alles gebeurt in een hecht team van professionals in een open en informele cultuur. De nadruk zal liggen op de ontwikkeling van software voor complexe sonarsystemen en analysesoftware voor sonartoepassingen. Het betreft software in verschillende stadia van technologie-volwassenheid (van prototype software tot aan operationele software aan boord van marineschepen).

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12 Apr
DARE Stratos

Rocket Day at S[&]T

  • April 12, 2018, 5 p.m.
  • Olof Palmestraat 14, Delft

Women in Aerospace and S[&]T host a rocket-themed meet-up in Delft! We'll hear about re-entry science, launch campaigns, and the latest developments on the Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineers (DARE) Stratos rocket!

Add to Calendar 2018-04-12 17:00:00 2018-04-12 20:00:00 Europe/Paris Rocket Day at S[&]T 17.00-17.30 Registration 17.30 Welcome Women In Aerospace 17.40 Demise Observation Capsule 18.00 AIT presentation by Trevor Watts (20-30min) 18.30 DARE presentation (20-30min) 19.00 Drinks Demise Observation Capsule (DOC) DOC is a re-entry capsule that is envisaged to fly on the upper stages of launchers. It is an ESA project developed with S&T as a prime. In a nut-shell, the capsule will be attached to one of the upper stages of the rocket. When those upper stages re-enter, the capsule will collect data and fly alongside the stage (continuing to collect data) while the stage of the launcher breaks up/demises. AIT by Trevor Watts An introduction to the assembly, integration and testing process in the space industry, and the launching experience in Kourou. Trevor Watts, a formal naval officer, has had an extensive career (40+ years) including significant time as an AIT manager and project manager in the space industry. DARE is the acronym for**the Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering group (affiliated with the TU Delft). They have held the altitude record for student rockets for many years and are currently working on getting it back. They are going to be presenting the technology and process with which they plan on doing this. Location S[&]T Olof Palmestraat 14, 2616 LR Delft Olof Palmestraat 14, Delft S[&]T info@stcorp.nl
22 Feb
Optical Engineer

Optical engineer

Als Optical Engineer ontwikkel je optische meet en inspectie-systemen voor diverse klanten, denk aan: - verlichtingsoptiek (leds, xenon lampen, laser diodes, fiberverlichtingen etc.) beeldvormende optiek voor camera objectieven, projectie optiek, catadioptrische systemen - Optische meetsystemen voor meten van afmetingen, afstand, 3D coördinaten, oppervlakte defecten, vlakheid - - Je wordt verantwoordelijk voor het ontwerp van systeemconcepten, optical lay-out, tolerancing, specificeren optische componenten, kwalificeren en testen. Hiernaast geef je technische inhoudelijke ondersteuning aan de projectmanager, zowel bij de acquisitie als bij de overdracht van het projectresultaat naar de klant.

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05 Feb
Full-stack Java Developer

Full-stack Java Developer

At S[&]T, we assist high-tech clients such as the European Space Agency, NATO, KNMI and TNO with their scientific software engineering challenges. With about 50 people at BSc-, MSc- and PhD-level, we develop operational software solutions that help launch satellites, keep the data processing facilities humming and bring the data via applications to the greater world. Looking for all-round team-member Due to recent growth of the company, we’re looking for someone to join our internal Software Team in Delft to support in the further development of our Expertise Analytics Platform. This platform semantically processes large amounts of textual data for mentions of people, companies, etc. and allows customers to swiftly match and identify expertise in their company.

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29 Jan

Data Engineer geografisch en tijdsgebonden data

Voor een Rijksoverheidsinstelling in Utrecht zijn wij op zoek naar een Data Engineer/Scientist. In eerste instantie ben je samen met de architecten verantwoordelijk voor het ontwerp van de data opslag in de Big Data omgeving. Dat betekent keuzes maken voor tools voor de data opslag (SQL, NoSQL) de inrichting van deze database management systemen en de opzet van de ETL processen. In tweede instantie ben je verantwoordelijk voor de feitelijke data afhandeling en klaarzetten van data voor diverse BI en Data Science producten. Dit doe je in samenwerking met enkele software developement teams en een groep data scientists. Er wordt gewerkt volgens de SCRUM methode, dat betekent dat je te maken krijgt met (proxy) product owners, een scrum master, developement teams en een cloud solution architect. Werkervaring : 3-5 jaren (medior) Duur : 1-2 jaren Contract : Project Locatie : Utrecht Werktijden : 36 uren per week

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18 Dec
Rx installation1.jpg

Inter-GALAC - Integrated Galileo Application Center

  • Sensing and Control Systems

Inter-GALAC (Integrated Galileo Application Center) was a public-private collaboration aiming to develop a number innovative applications for the Galileo satellite network. The project received funding from the “Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland” (SNN, www.snn.eu). Galileo is a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) constellation; the European version of the known GPS network. Galileo offers higher accuracy than GPS as well as new functionality. It is expected that Galileo will be adopted by many companies and institutions as it will reduce their dependence on the US GPS system. In the Inter-GALAC project, a number of parties based in the north of the Netherlands have joined forces to ensure a position in the Galileo program. The north of the Netherlands has two unique facilities for monitoring the quality of the Galileo network: the Westerbork telescope (https://www.astron.nl/radio-observatory/public/public-0) and the LOFAR sensor network (http://www.lofar.org/). In Inter-GALAC, these two assets have been used to claim a role in the Galileo Reference Centre for the north of the Netherlands. Within the Inter-GALAC project, three challenging Galileo applications have been investigated. The goal of these applications is to lay the foundation for broad economic activities around Galileo in the north of the Netherland.

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28 Nov

Test Engineer Space Instruments

The Test engineer within the Space Systems Engineering group guarantees the quality and availability of the specific test facilities and the necessary supporting equipment. In addition, the Test Engineer ensures that the various test programs run according to established procedures or specific test plans. The specific test facilities consist of 3 vacuum boilers with temperature control, single boilers, sun simulators, data acquisition systems and various optical stimuli. Because of the high requirements for keeping the optical instruments clean, these facilities are located in a clean room environment ISO class 5. Keeping the vacuum facilities clean is also of the utmost importance. Because of the high economic value of the instruments that are tested in these facilities, a guaranteed safe functioning of these facilities is necessary.

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