06 Aug

Aerospace Engineering Consultancy

  • Technical R&D Consulting

Cost reduction and re-use of designs

In the aerospace industry, S[&]T delivers consultancy for both institutional and commercial projects. Our experts are comfortable standardising new and previously one-off technology developments into products with a high focus on cost reduction and the re-use of designs.  We are familiar and comfortable with quality assurance and ISO requirements.

Broad spectrum of roles

Our team is spread across clients in the Netherlands and Norway, covering the spectrum of  spaceflight and aerospace roles. From our original background as a company in optical instrument calibration to recent developments in quality assurance and even aerospace analytical science, we cover a broad spectrum for our clients.

Key aspects

  • Project management
  • Systems engineering
  • Product assurance and quality conrol
  • Satellite data processing
  • Micro- and nanosatellite conceptual design

More information

For more information, please contact Bart van Mierlo.