22 Sep

Air Portal Launches with Sentinel-5P and TROPOMI

DELFT, The Netherlands, 22 September, 2017

Science & Technology BV announces launch of the first city-focused air quality platform, 'Air Portal' coinciding with the launch of Dutch air quality instrument TROPOMI onboard the Sentinel-5P satellite.

With the launch of Sentinel-5P and TROPOMI on 13 October, Science & Technology BV (S[&]T) will launch Air Portal, the first commercial air quality service aimed at empowering decision makers worldwide to find and manage local pollution sources at a city-planning level. The Sentinel-5P mission will bring a huge step forward in science around air quality, and S[&]T aims to ensure that this information is impactful in everyday life for cities around the world.

In order to comply with agreed international standards for air quality, we first need to accurately understand local air pollution sources, as well as their impact. The European Space Agency will launch the Sentinel-5P satellite from Russian Cosmodrome Plesetsk, as part of the European Copernicus programme focused on mitigating the impact of climate change. At the heart of this satellite is Dutch instrument TROPOMI, which will measure the entire Earth’s atmosphere in high resolution on a daily basis. S[&]T will use the data produced by TROPOMI, along with air quality monitoring tools and algorithms, to bring Sentinel-5P’s global coverage to a local scale. Air Portal will offer cities worldwide a wealth of insights into atmospheric quality management. Decision makers can take effective measures to ensure that air quality improves, by starting from local pollution sources, and then measuring the impact of measures taken.

Air Portal Event

"Air Portal is our way of ensuring that the insights gathered by TROPOMI are as impactful as possible," says Erik Zoutman, CEO of S[&]T. "We are proud of what the Netherlands has accomplished with the TROPOMI instrument, building on 20+ years of excellence in air quality satellite
instruments. S[&]T has been involved in satellite data processing for these types of instruments for over 15 years, and we are ready to bring air quality information to key decision-makers worldwide."

The Netherlands' prowess in air quality is well-documented in scientific arenas; by developing partner-city agreements to use Air Portal world-wide, S[&]T hopes to make an impact on global air quality, by
empowering on a local scale. S[&]T is also partnering with Airbus, TNO, and ISISpace  to ensure that the Netherlands remains at the top of future global air quality services by  combining the talents of all 4 institutes via the Bright Skies consortium.

For more information, please contact:
Laura ten Bloemendal
Science [&] Technology

015 262 9889

Or check out our Air Portal page for full details about the application.