19 Jul

Airbus and S[&]T 'in zee' on space applications

Today from Erik Zoutman and Arnaud de Jong:

"Satellite application development in the Netherlands will receive a boost from a partnership  between Science [&] Technology corporation (S[&]T) and Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands, signed on July 7, 2016.  

The two companies will partner on the utilization of Earth Observation  geo-information in the form of development of 'downstream  services'. With countless potential applications, and a growing market of successful businesses in this sector, Airbus DS NL and S[&]T believe that they have the right starting point to make an impact in this field. Both companies have a strong heritage in spaceflight, and by playing complementary roles they believe they can bridge the gap from satellites to market-solutions and applications. The partnership plans to tackle the development of an internet based information infrastructure to make available satellite generated data, as well as providing an infrastructure for applications making use of this data to generate information for various users. In addition, the partnership aims to develop information services in the domain of air quality, an area in which the Netherlands have a profound heritage in the development of upstream technology with space instruments like OMI and Tropomi. The above services will be developed in cooperation with other (Dutch) partners. 

Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands B.V. is supplier of high-tech products and services for the international aerospace industry. Since its founding in 1968, the company contributes to noteworthy space programs and has build-up broad expertise in space technology for areas such as Earth observation, telecommunications and science. The portfolio of Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands includes solar arrays, launcher products, instruments & systems, thermal & mechanical products and downstream services. The profound heritage in the development of space technology, like instrumentation for measuring air quality related trace gases in the atmosphere, combined with access to the extensive portfolio of geo-information solutions makes Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands a solid partner for decision-makers who aim to increase security, optimize mission planning and operations, boost performance, improve management of natural resources and protect our environment. 

Airbus Signing

S[&]T has over 15 years of experience in satellite data processing, as well as the capacity to bring scientific data all the way from its original form to a specific, decision-supporting solution for end users. S[&]T is unique in its ability to combine the high-end technical skillset necessary to ensure that conclusions drawn are scientifically sound, as well as the pragmatic software team ready to ensure that this information reaches the right person at the right time. The process of bringing information from space to stakeholders is one of many steps, including satellite instrument data processing, active monitoring, issue identification, and finally decision support and notifications. S[&]T has heritage in each of these disciplines, and hopes to further expand on a successful history of developing user-targeted satellite applications."

We are so proud of this partnership - we love building long-term relationships at S[&]T, and this is a major step forward! If you have any questions send them our way!