12 Oct

Common Data Access Toolbox

  • Scientific Data Processing

Interfaces for reading data from a wide variety of scientific data formats.

The Common Data Access toolbox (CODA) provides a set of interfaces for reading data from a wide variety of scientific data formats, including ASCII, binary, XML, netCDF, HDF4, HDF5, GRIB, RINEX, and SP3. These interfaces consist of command line applications, libraries, interfaces to scientific applications (such as IDL and MATLAB), and interfaces to programming languages (such as C, Fortran, Python, and Java).

CODA is used both inside several S[&]T products as well as in various software applications developed by third parties.

An example of a project that uses CODA is the Basic Envisat Atmospheric Toolbox (BEAT). This is a toolbox that aims to provide scientists with tools for ingesting, processing, and analysing atmospheric remote sensing data. More information about BEAT can be found on the public BEAT website.

More information

The CODA software is freely available as open source software using the GPL v2 license. More information about CODA can be found on the public CODA website.

If you are interested in using CODA within a closed-source environment or want support for implementation of new data formats, please contact Sander Niemeijer.