12 Oct

Data Mining and Visualisation

  • Intelligent Software Applications

Analysing large amounts of data

Understanding and interpreting the large amounts of bioinformatics data requires special tools to mine the data for relations, patterns, associations, etc. and visualise this in a task-oriented way. S[&]T has experience with analysing large amounts of data in various application fields.

New and improved data generating hardware, such as high throughput sequencers, in the bioinformatics domain in combination with the possibilities to combine and integrate data from different sources requires continuous adaptation of data mining and visualisation techniques. Most of the data mining and visualisation tools used in this domain are available as open source software packages and can be adapted to specific needs. Visualisations are a way of analysing data and finding biological information by revealing relationships in (large) data sets. S[&]T has experience in other domains with data mining and visualisation of large data sets where the customer can see an overview of the data and subsequently can zoom in to the details in the data to get a better understanding.

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