12 Dec

Defence and Security Information Management

  • Scientific Data Processing
  • Intelligent Software Applications

S[&]T supports mission-critical decisions with verified, actionable information. Our sensing systems improve situational awareness on both a global and local scale. 

Example applications:

  • Biometric encryption for advanced security
  • Radar safety system for ProRail
  • Change detection for pipeline safety
  • Sensor fusion for ship safety
  • Searchable image processing for NATO interoperability

S[&]T supports information processes throughout the OODA loop - here's a breakdown on how we help you Observe, Orient, Decide and Act intelligently. 


Sensor Data

The accuracy of your decisions depends on the quality of data upon which they are based. At S[&]T, we have extensive heritage in sensor data quality management. On top of data pipeline development, one of our specialties is analyzing data from various sensor systems and combining them to create situational awareness. From radar systems for railway safety and integrated sensor fusion for ship safety to pipeline safety management with satellite data, we are entrusted with ensuring that missiotn-critical data is both accurate and timely.


Situational Awareness

Every situation has metrics that tell you the direction you're headed, whether you're on the right path, and what you need to look out for along the way. We listen carefully to what drives your decisions and then ensure that the information you are given is not only accurate, but contextual. S[&]T knows how to integrate sensor data into other situational information to give you the best context and overview. For instance, we provide security operators with the extra context of an interactive map with camera positions, so that they can intuitively follow a suspicious target from screen to screen.


Decision Support

Smart decisions require actionable information; typically at S[&]T this is based on intelligent change detection combined with risk scenario analysis. We know how to support decisions by understanding the people and roles involved in making them, as well as both urgent and important decision types that need support. We create intelligent logic around alerts and notifications, ensuring that only the best, most relevant information reaches decision makers. For example, our searchable DroneTube application provides decision makers with imagery based on meta data like time and location, and rejects irrelevant or abnormal data that occurs, for instance, when drones are turning and sensors are no longer aimed at potential areas of interest. 


Measure Results

S[&]T has experience creating dashboards, simulations and visualisations for a variety of defence, safety and security applications. Taking informed action means tracing the follow-through, measuring the result, and creating an efficient and effective feedback loop. We keep data in front of decision makers in actionable form, meaning that alerts and notifications only occur when action is needed based on a combination of factors proritised via intelligent algorithms. Our dashboards have been used to alert decision makers of safety incidents for pipelines, railways, large ships, and even space applications.