23 Sep

DroneTube - Interoperability via tactical application

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Facilitating a communication platform

Interoperability and communication between defense agencies from all of its member countries is a key focus for NATO. As part of this platform, the DroneTube application is based on a secure web interface, and enables all operators to search for imagery created by drones from any participating member country based on location and time. At its core, the DroneTube application is a platform supporting interagency messaging and intelligence requests. 

Intelligence gathering 

By serving as a central source of information, DroneTube ensures that the right people have the right information, at the right time. In creating this tactical application, S[&]T's vision group focused on what the purpose was of the information being gathered, and how to sort and present that information in the best way to make it operational intelligence for its users.

Searchable data and one-click viewing

In order to ensure that operators receive the information they are looking for, DroneTube features advanced search capabilities, with integrated metadata about the millions of images it stores. By linking location and time data with image data, operators are able to make fast comparisons of intelligence gathered by different agencies. Near-realtime video viewing in a secured web application offers users direct and easy access to the relevant images they need, with as simple of an interface as possible. 

Advanced image processing

Processing drone imagery is a lot like processing information from other sensor systems in which S[&]T specializes. In this case, intelligent image processing tricks are used to both sort out and reject irrelevant or abnormal data that occurs, for instance, when drones are turning and sensors are no longer aimed at potential areas of interest. The processing pipeline is also optimized for speed, in order to provide the near-real-time footage requested by the agency. In the interest of speed, for instance, initial processing only looks at a subset of the images taken over time, and then performs more detailed processing once an area of interest is identified. 

To learn more about this project, contact Michel van Elk of S[&]T Vision 

DroneTube falls under the larger NATO project 'MAJIIC 2', described in the agency's own words below: