07 Jun

How to host an astronaut: André Kuipers @ S[&]T

Working in the space industry, sometimes you forget how 'cool' what your doing is in the daily grind. But sometimes, an astronaut drops by to help remind you! 

Last night S[&]T hosted Dutch astronaut André Kuipers! Everyone from our directors to our robotics stagiaire was excited to share our contribution to the Netherlands' space industry with such a familiar face. We hosted him in a typically Dutch way, with a 'borrel'. While we know André is used to suit and tie affairs, it wouldn't be S[&]T without a 'lekker knus' atmosphere and fascinating technology. We sparked his interest with a few highlighted projects, because great conversations between bright minds are where innovation happens!

Jochem van der Maas presented a video about our Demise Observation Capsule project, for which we are prime contractor for the European Space Agency.

"We need to know more about re-entry, so we are designing a capsule that will return to Earth and tell us what happened 
- just like you!" 
Jochem van der Maas to André Kuipers

Jochem was honored to walk André through the stages of launch and re-entry, and explain what types of sensor data our capsule will collect and share. 

Jan Ridder also explained Orbital Eye, our pipeline asset management tool based on Sentinel data from the Copernicus programme. 

"We are the first member of European industry to use Sentinel data for a commercial application on a regular basis." 
André Bos tells André Kuipers

Finally André unveiled his handprint, proudly hanging in its place of honour on the wall as you enter our office! So, here's a toast to some quality time with S[&]T'ers and a man who is so inspiring for our team of space enthusiasts.

Thank you so much for your time André, today the next generation that you're inspiring is us! Cheers!