12 Oct

Knowledge Brokering Tool

  • Intelligent Software Applications

Automatically mine and match semantic information

We implemented the latest semantic technology in tools for knowledge brokering. Our basic toolset is capable of automatically indexing sources of unstructured data (text) to mine and match information. The semantic technology enables to do this irrespective of language, alias or synonym and as such yield better quality search results. For this a dedicated thesaurus is developed that can be adapted to your purposes.

Our toolset is based on open-source software.

Example Tool

Our Expert Tool provides a solution to automatically match consultant profiles with customer demands using unstructured data sources. It features automated and manual matching of consultants or positions and keeps track of trends of customer demands.

More information

If you are interested in using our Knowledge Brokering Tool in your environment or if you want support for implementation of the latest open source semantic technologies, please contactBartĀ vanĀ Mierlo.