01 Oct

Mission Planning and Performance Visualisation

  • Scientific Data Processing
  • Intelligent Software Applications


Metis is a web application to interactively preview and compare data from satellite missions. The application allows users to select and compare data from one or more satellites, time windows and other variables. Users can zoom and pan within various types of plots (such as line, scatter and geographical plots) to assess data quality and fitness for use.

In short, Metis supports:

  • Interactive preview of data
  • Comparing data from different time periods and between satellites
  • Creation of new plots and visualisations by merging existing plots
  • Flagging of outliers
  • Dynamic calculation of statistics
  • Direct download of satellite data

Metis is currently in operation for Swarm (ESA’s satellite constellation for observing the Earth’s magnetic field), but Metis is a generic web application which can be used for any kind of data source.