21 Aug

Orbital Eye in the market for new intern/thesis students

False positives and negatives reduction in a satellite based pipeline monitoring system 

OrbitalEye is one of the high-tech start-ups founded by S[&]T and housed at the ground floor of our offices in Delft, the Netherlands. Its core product, PIMSyS, is a complete solution for reliable and cost-effective pipeline monitoring. It combines accurate and up-to-date monitoring data, acquired by synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites, with smart tools for planned third-party activities and inspection planning. 

PIMSyS is based on Synthetic Aperture Radar Coherent Change Detection (SAR-CCD) technology. It enables us to detect activities in the vicinity of the assets being monitored, independent of cloud cover and daylight at virtually any location on Earth. For this, SAR-CCD uses satellite images taken at different times to map locations where things have changed. 

A crucial step in maximizing the value for our customers, is to further process the SAR-CCD change maps in order to extract all relevant changes, while minimizing the number of false positives (agricultural activities, parking/loading areas, etc.). This is a challenging goal, since there exists a delicate balance between reducing false positives and not introducing false negatives (relevant changes not being detected). Therefore, the further enhancement of our systems performance with respect to these false positives and negatives, is and will remain an ongoing R&D topic for OrbitalEye.

Do you see yourself as our new intern, and you fit one of the below profiles, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Computer science/ICT Innovation/Digital Media Technology (or similar) Student

Candidate should have good programming skills (Python) and should be familiar with webservices (WMS, WMTS) and interfaces like REST and SOAP. It will be his/her challenge to design, develop and integrate a new component for PIMSyS that collects and stores, in an efficient way, as much relevant information as possible for the areas of interest (AOI’s) of our customers. The resulting knowledge database, containing information on, for example, land-use, infrastructure ((rail-)roads, powerlines), buildings, historical satellite imagery, etc., is foreseen to play a crucial role in developing and operating location specific filters and will serve as input to machine learning studies that will aid the classification capabilities (what is a relevant change and what isn’t) of PIMSyS.

Data science/Applied Physics/Aerospace Engineering/Electrical Engineering (or similar) student

Somebody who is a true R&D enthusiast with a broad range of interests and interdisciplinary skills, where it will be an advantage to have experience in some of the following disciplines: data analysis, programming (Matlab), filter design (both frequency and spatial domain), image processing, system design, earth observation/satellite imagery processing and/or radar processing. It will be his/her challenge to exploit all available info, including spatial, temporal and context of any kind to develop/improve advanced filters and/or other techniques to discriminate between relevant and non-relevant changes detected by PIMSyS. So the goal is fixed but the methods remain open at this time. A perfect project for somebody who likes to obtain some true R&D experience. 

Are u an EU citizen or in possession of a valid EU student/working permit and are you at least available to join us 5 months? Then we would like to meet you, we will ofcourse offer you a standard (intership)remuneration.

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