07 Apr

Passion | People | Process : Finding the Win-Win-Win

During my time at Entrance, I learned many things from a fellow Rice alum: CEO, and intuitive entrepreneur Nate Richards, to whom I will always be grateful. It's funny how one experience prepares us unintentionally for the next. Today I'm harking back to him telling me that companies are driven first by passion, then by people, and then by processes (in fact, here's an interview he gave on the topic). 

At S[&]T we're known for putting long-term relationships first. For being a reliable partner. For choosing to prioritise people. I am currently working to help communicate and formalise that passion for people into set processes. In thinking about it, I couldn't help but structure my thoughts around passion, people, and process as a logical growth path.  But instead of thinking linearly, each leaving the previous step behind, they now feel concentric, with passion at the core, and people and processes branching outwards from that center. 

Why does that concentric structure matter? Because every company has processes and people.

What makes S[&]T compelling is that our core passion still guides how we interact with people and implement processes.

That core is what makes us still feel like a 'small family company', while we grow towards the 100 employee mark. Passion is what makes us choose to take a chance on an employee who needs flexibility or a leap of faith. Passion drives our choices in partnering within consortia. Passion guides our flexible approach to complex R&D project relationships. Passion helps us spin-off new tech start-ups.

In prioritising passion as we expand our circles of amazing people and flexible processes, we strive to give our employees the chance to grow in a role that matches their passion. In this way, each S[&]T'er is her or his own entrepreneur - creating what we call Win-Win-Win scenarios, where S[&]T, our clients, and our employees all benefit.

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