05 Dec

Pipeline Management meets Space Data

One of the things we love about S[&]T is the combination of great people, high-end technology and real business cases.

When Orbital Eye first started as a concept (Pipeline Integrity Management System in Space - PIMSiS, as it was called at the time), the business case was clear, but convincing a traditional industry to join the space age looked like one giant leap too far.  Pipeline Management is a topic with two strong, but sometimes competing business drivers, one preventing safety issues from arising, and the other lowering maintenance costs. By monitoring pipelines and other assets from orbit, S[&]T proposed to address both business cases in one solution - monitoring oil and gas assets more regularly, with higher accuracy and at a lower cost.

Typically safety related technology developments are slow to be accepted as viable solutions, so it was only recently, using data from the first Sentinel missions, that we have had both a technically sound solution, and a market that is ready to believe in it. With real data to work with, we have verified the improved accuracy, speed and cost of our solution. So now we're excited that it is time for this solution to enter the market,and we have the data to prove it! As stated in NRG Magazine:

“We proved that our solution was more accurate, faster and cheaper,” says Zoutman.

For more information, see the lovely article:

Dear gas industry, meet the space experts

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