12 Oct

Quality Analysis of Data from Any Sensor (QUADAS)

  • Scientific Data Processing

Quality Analysis of Data from Any Sensor (QUADAS)

QUADAS provides a flexible high-performance software system for automatic and interactive quality control of sensor data flows. QUADAS helps you in monitoring and controlling the huge amounts of data coming from sensor systems and networks that measure day and night, by offering automatic analysis, visualisation, and reporting of data quality. Furthermore QUADAS offers a Graphical User Interface for in-depth interactive analysis. Application domains include Earth Observation, Global Positioning, and complex sensor measurement systems.

Key aspects

  • Easy-to-use software environment for visualisation, reporting, and running dedicated analysis functions
  • Supports automatic batch processing of data flows with feedback on data quality results
  • Includes a high-¬≠performance database for long-term analysis of data
  • HTML and PDF report-generator that allow easy configuration and creation of plots, tables and statistics
  • Built on top of the powerful capabilities of the IDL data analysis language (Matlab option also possible)
  • Users can integrate their own analysis code into the system with no limitations
  • Linux/Mac Operating System (please contact us for Windows options)

Application examples

QUADAS is being used in several earth observation missions (ENVISAT, CRYOSAT-2, ADM/ AEOLUS, SWARM, Sentinel-1, GALILEO) for giving users insight into the health of measurement instruments on-board orbiting satellites, as well as monitoring the quality of the resulting calibrated measurement data. Such missions yield up to several gigabytes of measurement data per hour, that are automatically analysed. Analysis results are summarised in HTML-reports that enable users to quickly check issues in sensor performance and data quality that occurred during the analysis period, which may be an orbit, a day, a month, or even several years.

More information

For more information, please contact Joost Smeets.