01 Sep

Pipeline Monitoring from Space

  • Intelligent Software Applications

Pipeline Integrity Monitoring System in Space (PIMSyS) is a Software as a Service package tailored to the needs of Midstream Oil and Gas industry, now available to the market under its own branding as Orbital Eye.

S[&]T began to develop PIMSyS from its very earliest days, when we discovered that SAR data from satellite systems could monitor assets from space with higher accuracy and at a lower cost than current methods. PIMSyS helps clients identify threats, inspect based on real evidence, and connect field operators with the latest information. Our software system is a complete solution from satellite data all the way through to hand-held app.

In developing this market-ready product, S[&]T developed key experience in the following aspects of creating an accurate and agile data pipeline from satellite to user-friendly app:

•Satellite Instrument Data Processing and Calibration

•Change Monitoring and System Health Management

•Critical Infrastructure and Risk Management

•Decision Support and Notifications

By bringing together the scientific and quality validation aspects of instrument data processing with the user-driven development needed to support client needs, we created a unique combination of capabilities to bring data through key processes. We are uniquely capable of answering the following questions that lead from sensor to application:

How do you measure?
How do you know?
What do you do next?

For more information about Orbital Eye, you can visit the website. If you are interested in other sensor applications, please get in touch so that we can walk with you through your data's journey from instrument to app.