12 Oct

Satellite Navigation Support

  • Scientific Data Processing
  • Intelligent Software Applications
Galileo signal structure and contents

S[&]T is involved in many navigation projects that monitor the quality of the navigation signal and therefore the quality of the services that depend on this signal. We have become experts in the European GNSS (global navigation satellite system) system Galileo and have a thorough understanding of the Galileo signal structure and contents. Over the past decade our societal dependance on GNSS has grown (e.g. billing, homeland security). Spoofing and jamming are 'cheap' threats to this dependability. The S[&]T GNSS technology can help to detect and possibly prevent these threats from happening.

Key aspects

  • Satellite navigation
  • GPS/Galileo/EGNOS
  • Integrity monitoring and quality control
  • Signal In Space monitoring
  • Signal processing
  • Software-Defined Receiver for Galileo/GPS signals

Project example

S[&]T took part in the In Orbit Validation (IOV) team of Thales Alenia Space (TAS) to verify the Signal in Space (SIS) of the Galileo satellites. Together with ASTRON and their high-end parabolic antenna, S[&]T has built a highly accurate and sensitive signal analysis facility (ranging from the monitoring and control of the measurement equipment to the signal processing algorithms to assess the quality of the SIS). 

More information

For more information, please contact André Bos.