03 Sep

Scientific Data Management

  • Scientific Data Processing

S[&]T Scientific Database, which provides a generic access mechanism to underlying databases to store and retrieve scientific data in the format of binary values or strings. This layer enables the transparent use of any underlying data back end technology with a single interface. STDB contains a well-developed type system that makes data formats interchangeable between different architectures and processors with different endianness. The data parsing and search is also convenient and efficient. STDB can be delivered in binary form with a set of API's that can then be used by other parties to consume or provide data used by other components in a system. Currently, it has interfaces for C/C++ and Matlab, with future plans to support Python.

STDB is currently being used for other S[&]T products, most notably QUADAS, and in several projects. With STDB, QUADAS can now transparently change its back end with virtually no changes necessary to its code base. In addition, it can now easily consume data provided by third parties without format, storage or alignment problems.