01 Aug

Sentinel 5-precursor atmospheric data from TROPOMI instrument

  • Scientific Data Processing

Tropospheric Ozone Monitoring Instrument (Tropomi) is a satellite instrument built to observe our atmosphere on a daily basis by mapping carbon monoxide, methane, nitrogen dioxide and the ozone among others. Built by a consortia of Dutch scientific institutes and space industry partners, it is the sole instrument onboard the Sentinel-5 precursor satellite. This satellite contributes to the European earth observation programme known as Copernicus.

S[&]T's project-based contribution to Tropomi centered around the level 0-2 scientific data processing segments, in partnership with the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI). The data processing aspects are an important phase of ensuring that the signal from the instrument is qualified and ready for scientific interpretation. 

S[&]T was part of the on-ground calibration, Level 1 and Level 2 processor development and  implementation in the Sentinel 5p-team that was led by KNMI. The work consisted of all the preparatory work for the on-ground calibration campaign, including ATBD and analysis software routines. During the calibration campaign, our team worked on location in Liege (Belgium) and carried out the quick look and measurement assessments plus key data analysis.