26 Oct

Sentinel 5p - TROPOMI AIT and Calibration support

  • Technical R&D Consulting

Tropomi is the largest Dutch instrument consortium in the past 10 years, and is a continuation of Dutch prowess in air quality monitoring instrument development with over 30 years of heritage. 

Building an Earth Observation instrument is a complicated process that takes years of planning and coordination by many parties. Scientists are involved to ensure that the data created by the spectrometer is relevant and applicable, and teams of engineers are involved to ensure that the conceptual instrument can actually be built and launched. This balance of science and engineering continues along the process towards launch, and S[&]T contributed to this process by providing scientists, engineers and data processing specialists at many steps along the way. 

Key S[&]T personnel were integrated in project teams at companies and institutes across the spectrum of the Dutch consortium that built Tropomi. At SRON S[&]T'ers supported software and project management for the shortwave infrared (SWIR) instrument contribution. Within Airbus, S[&]T provided Assembly Integration and Testing management. For TNO, S[&]T'ers were involved in calibration and optical developments for the main spectrometer assembly. In partnership with KNMI, an S[&]T calibration team was colocated at CSL in Belgium during the calibration campaign that formed an essential part of readiness checks for launch. 

Each S[&]T Tropomi contributor has unique exertise and specialisation.  We were therefore not only able to contribute at a project level to the campaign, but also balance integrated support in a meaningful way across the entire spectrum of Tropomi contributors.