12 Oct

Situational Awareness

  • Intelligent Software Applications

Connecting 'what' to 'where'

In the last decade the number of security cameras has increased dramatically. Since the number of operator has not grown that much due to the high costs, the individual operators need to monitor and operate more cameras simultaneously. 

Together with TNO, CIV and TU Delft, S[&]T is working on new interfaces to help operators connect ‘WHAT they are looking at’ to ‘WHERE it is happening’, thus improving their Situational Awareness. We do this by adding the camera position, viewing direction and video to a satellite image of the area.

Our interfaces offer ways to aim cameras by interacting with satellite imagery. This supports an operator in tasks like the tracking and tracing of subjects. To validate the interfaces, our demonstrators are evaluated by real operators. 

In 2010 the first demonstrator was installed at CIV in Utrecht. This demonstrator works with the CIV operational camera network. We are currently working on the next generation video surveillance suite.

More information

For more information, please contact Michel van Elk.