01 Oct

Smart Data Processing

  • Scientific Data Processing

Get the most out of your sensor data

S[&]T provides software technologies and services that allow you to get the most out of your sensor data. This ranges from development of individual components to the implementation of full data processing solutions.

Many of our data processing projects are in the field of Earth Observation and are run through either ESA or the European Union. Types of projects include satellite data processors, calibration and validation software, end-user toolboxes, data analysis and visualisation.

Key aspects

  • We know your domain: the combination of science engineers and software engineers enables S[&]T to understand, analyse and communicate technical requirements for data processing, and provide a robust and high-performance data processor implementation

  • Advanced data analysis techniques: whether you want to detect molecules in the output of a single-particle mass-spectrometer, perform on-ground calibration analysis of Earth Observation instruments, or simulate luggage distribution systems, we know how the create the software that can help you do this

  • Reuse of in-house technologies: with the technology build-up over our past projects we have developed a set of products that can now be reused to implement your solutions both faster and more cost-efficient

  • Open source and cross-platform expertise: in case you want to make your solution available as open source software or if it needs to work in a cross-platform environment, we have the expertise

Example project: GOCE User Toolbox

The GOCE User Toolbox GUT is one of the Earth Observation toolboxes that S[&]T has developed for ESA. It facilitates processing of the GOCE Level-2 data products and other data and is a comprehensive toolkit for oceanography and geodesy. Because of the diverse computational workflows that the toolbox had to support, S[&]T designed the toolbox in a generic and modular way. Different processing functions can be chained together by means of simple configuration to form an overall workflow. These workflows can range from simple calculations to complex data processing tasks. The toolbox can be freely downloaded from the ESA website and is provided as Open Source software.

More information

For more information, please contact Sander Niemeijer.