22 Dec

Space Systems Engineer - Launch / AIT focus

Are you an experienced space systems engineer with a background in environmental testing and launch preparations? Are you looking for an inspiring and science-driven environment where you will build on a growing team of hardware engineers with an AIT focus?

S[&]T is offering a fun, AIT-focused position on a space hardware project. We'll ask you to start by helping manage subcontractor contributions to our project, as well as the interface with our client. You will be actively involved in ensuring that the AIT (and especially testing phase) goes well. As you grow in capabilities, your role can expand to match your interests, and our flexible organization will help you create a path that both inspires and challenges you.

The first year will involve high-pased AIT, and will give you a feel for the type of high-impact work we perform, as well as help you choose which direction to go in our hardware team from there. 

Re-entry vehicle system engineering including : 

  • System level analyses
  • Architectural design 
  • Trade-offs and functional analyses 
  • Performance analyses 
  • System level budgets management and control 
  • ECSS approach/ standard definition, management and implementation of activities and engineering plans
  • Management of the design methodology
  • Technical coordination of the system team and subcontractors 
  • Guidelines and monitoring end-to-end development
  • Mission analyses, simulation and mission planning

Character traits:

  • Strong communication skills - you enjoy connecting with people
  • Practical/Hands-on problem solver
  • Analytical nature - you enjoy puzzles
  • Opportunistic and team-motivated 
  • Enjoy high-paced, action-driven environment

We offer:

  • Year contract with S[&]T with a view to growth into other internal project teams
  • Exciting position for an ESA project where you are in the role as prime AIT
  • Supportive environment and great coaching so that you grow and are challenged
  • A fun, small company environment with connections to cool high tech projects 

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