05 Sep

SPECTRAL Industries wins Rockathon Mining Challenge

5 September

Tampere, Finland

SPECTRAL Industries (an S[&]T company), has just won the Rockathon competition, and will be negotiating an R&D contract with one of the largest mining drill manufacturers in the world! The SPECTRAL team created an innovative solution for real-time information about rock composition during the mining process. The unique sensor system wowed the judges with its extraordinary sensitivity and robustness. 

Winning moment - Spectral Industries at Rockathon 2017

The system accurately detects element content in ore at extremely low concentrations, meaning that rapid analysis can be done in real time. The solution is also unique in its robustness, as it is capable of withstanding temperature fluctuation, as well as vibrations, making environmental conditions much less of an issue. The sensor will be integrated with drilling equipment in order to get full composition data in real-time. The system can monitor both liquid ‘slurry’, like drilling fluids, as well as air streams with small particles.

The Spectral team had a great time in Finland, and were able to participate in multiple days of hands-on learning about the mining industry, including seeing production-scale rock drilling in action

Rockathon Mining Suits

SPECTRAL Industries is a high-tech start-up in the Netherlands, basing its core technology on an instrument that was to be located inside the European Space Agency ExoMars rover

To accelerate the commercialisation of this technology, SPECTRAL Industries was formally launched in 2015 and is participating in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Noordwijk since the beginning of 2016