12 Oct

S[&]T Through the Years

History of S[&]T

S[&]T started in 2000 in Delft. After some pioneering months with an office in one of the Delft University buildings S[&]T started to produce software for the European Space Agency (ESA). This early fase of the company took place in a beautiful old building near the center of Delft on the Mijnbouwplein. With a small group of employees, many of whom are still working for us, we conducted challenging projects for a large scale software radio telescope, for European Earth observation satellites and for Dutch high-tech industries.

As S[&]T grew bigger we moved to a larger office in 2005. In Delft, close to the motorway A13 linking The Hague and Rotterdam, we found an office building perfect for the growth that we foresaw. Soon the number of employees reached 70 and the customer base and projects became bigger and bigger. In 2008 the new business unit S[&]T Expert Pool was formed and our organisation was reorganised to reflect the three gateways to the market: consultancy, projects and spin-off companies. 

The latest chapter in our companies history is focused on expansion. In 2011 S[&]T opened its first office outside the Netherlands. Already one year later this new office located in Oslo is succesful with projects for the Norwegian oil & gas industry as well as the European space industry.

Today S[&]T has grown to an international technology company with over 100 employees, and we look forward to growing even further!