Test Engineer Space Instruments

What are you going to do? 

The Test engineer within the Space Systems Engineering group guarantees the quality and availability of the specific test facilities and the necessary supporting equipment. In addition, the Test Engineer ensures that the various test programs run according to established procedures or specific test plans. The specific test facilities consist of 3 vacuum boilers with temperature control, single boilers, sun simulators, data acquisition systems and various optical stimuli. Because of the high requirements for keeping the optical instruments clean, these facilities are located in a clean room environment ISO class 5. Keeping the vacuum facilities clean is also of the utmost importance. Because of the high economic value of the instruments that are tested in these facilities, a guaranteed safe functioning of these facilities is necessary. 

What do we ask of you? 

  • You have a technical background and practical experience in working and testing high-tech products. 
  • You understand vacuum technology either through practical experience or theoretical background. 
  • Knowledge of and experience within the space sector is an advantage. 
  • You are familiar with working in a clean room environment. 
  • You are a team player who is able to work together with people from different backgrounds. 
  • You can also manage a small team. 
  • You master the English language in word and writing. 
  • You have good communication skills, are result-oriented, and can respond quickly to new developments. 
  • Quality and reliability are high on your list. 

What can you expect from your work environment? 

Our client is an independent research organization that, based on its expertise and research, makes an important contribution to the competitiveness of companies and organizations, to the economy and to the quality of society as a whole. With around 3000 employees, we work for various clients: governments, SMEs, large companies, service providers and social organizations. Together we work on new knowledge, better products, clear advice on policy and processes. In everything we do, it's about impact. Our product and process innovations and our advice only really make sense if the client can improve his competitive position. If the government can thus organize its policy more efficiently. And if it actually helps people and organizations. Space travel plays a crucial role in the daily life of everyone on Earth. Satellites for communication, navigation and observation, but also their innovative information systems, terminals and high-tech instruments, become a unique part of our planet's infrastructure. Our client collaborates with the government, Dutch companies, institutes and universities on space technology. The Space Systems Engineering expertise group develops and supplies optomechatronic instruments and systems for space, terrestrial astronomy and scientific research. The requirements imposed on these systems are generally on the limits of the technically feasible. The realization of such an instrument requires a solid project organization, in which the experts in the field of optics, mechatronics, fabrication and testing must work together in a multidisciplinary setting for the desired result. The project managers of Space System Engineering are the pioneers of these projects, with a core team of System Engineer, Product Assurance Manager, and MAIT (ManufacturingAssembly-Integration-Testing) manager, responsible for the planning and management. The Space Systems Engineering group also provides expertise for the realization of test setups, demonstration models, prototypes and instruments and for carrying out specific thermal vacuum testing and calibration campaigns.

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