02 Dec

Why students matter to R&D

As an R&D company, S[&]T maintains relationships with partner companies and institutes across Europe and beyond. Essential to these relationships is our dedication to ensuring that brilliant talent is supported at the crucial decision points that bring a new generation of scientists and engineers into the high-tech community. 

By being involved in the first steps of R&D careers, we can stay close to the dreams we hope to make true as we speak to candidates who are further along in their careers. We also see that our colleagues who are further along in their careers are highly inspired to appreciate the fascination that is core to working in R&D.

This past week alone, S[&]T has:

  • Presented at the 'Discover your Space' event, hosted by the Netherlands Space Society, for students nearing graduation and entrance into industry. 
    Earth Observation Workshop
  • Hosted an Earth Observation Data Applications workshop as a part of the Tour of the Enterprises from the Gemeente Delft.

  • Supported the Delft Space Institute Space for Society event, as preparation for the International Space University hosting their space studies program in the Netherlands in 2018.

  • Supported high school student projects, including a group who got to show their design to Andre Kuipers, a school who we helped connect with the spacesuit design team from Johnson Space Center, and a group whose design for a space debris capture method has generated interest from ESA to look at their findings!
    Andre student group

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